Versacom LP

Industry Focus

Versacom focuses exclusively in the Wireless and Wireline Telecommunications Industry.

Versacom provides turn-key services, in Wireless and Wireline projects, no matter the scope or size.

On-Demand Resources

Versacom provides expertise in the field of Wireless and Telecommunication services. We have many technicians that are industry certified in their given skill expertise and we focus on continual training and certification for our Technicians so they can be at the leading edge of an ever changing industry.
“On Air, On Time, Every Time“

Versacom’s Commitment to Quality

Versacom is a TL9000 compliant company and a past member of the QuEST Forum.
Versacom is commited to becoming the world’s best wireless service provider as ranked by customer and industry reports. Versacom is dedicated to pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction through on time delivery, by striving to deliver 100% correct jobs, as a result of continuously improving its quality management system, and through training and empowering our employees.

VERSACOM’s Value Proposition

Versacom is a strategy and opportunity- driven which is best positioned to work in a partnering relationship with large Telecommunication and Wireless providers offering managed expertise and services across the Wireless and Telecommunication spectrum.

The Versacom value proposition can be summarized as follows:


We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Fell Like You are in the Same Office.

Wireless Networks

Versacom specializes in planning, design, engineering, optimization, installation, testing, operations…

Wireline Networks

Engineering specialization in access, switching and transport segments of wireline networks

Site Acquisition

Leasing and Zoning audits, Tower Mapping and Site Audits, Raw Land and Collocation Leasing

Slide Versacom LP Whether your project involves DAS, Small or Macro sites, we have the expertise to do it ontime and under budget. Versacom is a TL9000 Compliant. Slide Versacom LP A cloud-based telephony platform that combines Class 4, Class 5 & CPaaS functionality all into one distributed System.

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