Versacom LP

Our vision is to be a leader in understanding, designing and implementing complex wireless technology solutions. We deliver a complete spectrum of wireless engineering and installation services:

We plan, design, deploy, and manage wireless networks. VERSACOM works with all major broadband and Internet wireless technologies. Construction projects range from single-cell sites to an entire advanced digital wireless network. Through a synergistic combination of employees, consultants and sub-contractors we excel in:

  • Network Optimization
  • Network Design
  • Network Deployment
  • Network Development

We bring value added services to our customers by:

  • Continuously monitoring network performance
  • Periodically testing network elements
  • Tuning the network for optimal performance
  • Identifying elements that need to be upgraded or replaced
  • Providing high level reports to management
  • Performing functional and system drive testing, data analysis and interference control
  • Test plan development
  • Test and Integration of RBS 800/2000 series and LMUs
  • Periodically testing network elements
  • Tuning the network for optimal performance
  • Identifying elements that need to be upgraded or replaced
  • Providing high level reports to management

Wireless Network Services

Installation & Commissioning

  • Turn-Key project execution, including Install, test, integrate and commission any extension or mobile NW (one node or multi node).

EF&I Installation and Integration

    • Versacom is an accomplished EF&I vendor for some of the largest carriers in the country. Versacom has provided full turnkey services for UMTS, LTE, and Flexi equipment for markets all over the country. Versacom provides the following:




•Call Testing

•Site Audits


We also have programs for our Field Technicians who go through ongoing training and professional certification processes. We also have implemented our own in house training program for new Field Technicians to meet current and future demand. Versacom is a full turn-key solutions provider to the Telecommunications and Wireless industry. Versacom can provide infra-structure build-out services for wireless and wire line projects regardless of size and location in the U.S.


What is a DAS and how does it work?

A Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, is a network of smaller, spatially separated antenna nodes connected to the communications network.
A DAS network splits the transmitted signal among several smaller antennas to provide coverage and reliability over the same area as a single cell tower antenna. DAS networks are effective in areas with difficult topography, structural impediments (e.g. buildings, or within buildings), or in locations where, for a variety of reasons, it is not optimal to build a traditional macro sites.

Microcell antennas of a DAS network are significantly smaller than the macrocell antenna of a cell tower, and its footprint is much smaller. A DAS allows for more widespread coverage because several sites can be deployed to more effectively cover an area of varied topography or large edifices.

Versacom DAS Solutions


Versacom offers complete Distributed Antenna System (DAS) project solutions that help wireless service providers deliver needed coverage in some of the most challenging environments and markets.

Our DAS solutions include both In-Building AND Outdoor DAS systems in which either may be used alone or in combination to meet the necessary coverage requirements that are called for in an environment or challenging market.
Versacom’s wireless infrastructure services work in conjunction with our partners in the wireless service industry. We employ the most thorough and cost effective coverage solutions for multiple environments.

Versacom is an approved DAS vendor with major carriers and can provide multiple service platforms (mobile broadband, mobile radios, pagers PCS, UMTS) in multiple markets and can facilitate turnkey solutions for this emerging leading edge technology.

Cell Tower Work

Versacom is a provider in the wireless industry of Cell Tower services. These include the following:

  • Line of sight studies
  • Decommissioning
  • Antenna installation and upgrades
  • Tower Climbers with multiple certifications
  • Maintenance and upkeep of towers to keep proper coverage
  • Sweep testing
  • DRF alignment
  • Tower audits
  • PIM testing

RF Engineering

VERSACOM provides a complete range of RF engineering services for mobile and fixed wireless systems, including preliminary coverage design and cell layout, RF system design, frequency planning, and propagation analysis.

We deliver the expertise to develop and execute a complete wireless business strategy.

O & M

  • SW/ HW updates and upgrades (PCNs, CNIs, ECIs, Scripts ,,etc).
  • For operators – to validate the SW package contents and Implementation Instructions (II) and operators’ hot list and major failures and implant them in the Network (NW)
  • For Vendors – Assembling any package, desk Check SW corrections, write Test Instructions (TI), verification in the test-plant and release them.
  • NOC (NW Operation Center), Day-2-Day activities such as alarm monitoring, CSR handling, Support on site technicians, etc.
  • NW optimization including core and radio,
  • Audit activities:
  • KPI – Validate existing, create and measure.
  • Customer Complaints and resolution, CSR and TI quality.
  • Process management – Validate and create
  • Preliminary link budget analysis (2 -40 GHz) for point to point microwave networks
  • Interference analysis and measurements
  • Line-of-sight surveys and reports
  • Frequency coordination and FCC filing
  • Prepare bill of materials and specifications
  • Order and track equipment inventory
  • Supervise and coordinate installation
  • Turn-up and testing
  • Prepare as-built documentation
  • Traffic planning and capacity analysis
  • Feasibility analysis on leased lines vs. microwave
  • Recommendations on switch placement to maximize interconnect diversity
  • Connections to switch locations, PSTN, and long distance carriers
  • Generate RFQ/RFPs and prepare response analysis
  • Recommend network infrastructure